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How Can Massage Therapy Help Me?
Massage Therapy can be beneficial to almost everyone and is widely sought after for relaxation and also to obtain relief from many specific problems.  Please look on the PAIN MANAGEMENT section of our website for more details on specific conditions we provide therapy for.
Massage Therapy can help alleviate the following conditions:

*  Stress Relief and Anxiety
*  Acute and Chronic pain and inflammation
*  Muscle and Joint Stiffness, Arthritis and Tendonitis
*  Headaches and Migraines
*  Repetitive Stress Injuries
*  Fibromyalgia
*  Neck and Back Pain
*  Sports Related - preventative, post injury, performance and pre and post  event
*  Pregnancy
*  Post Surgical Rehabilitation

What to Expect at Mantra Massage and BodywoRx

Can Anyone Receive Massage Therapy?

  Yes, however under some circumstances a Doctor's release may be necessary (cancer and post surgical cases).  Prenatal massages are welcome in all stages of low risk  pregnancy.
Contagious skin conditions and open cuts and wounds are other reasons why we may not be able to perform massage therapy on our clients.
We welcome Pregnant clients in their first trimester of a normal and healthy pregnancy.
What is Proper Etiquette?

Please arrive about 10 minutes prior to your massage to grab a cup of tea or water and use the restroom.  Please turn off cell phones and relax!

Do I Have to Get Fully Undressed?

No.  We ask you to undress to your comfort level.    You can keep underwear on if you wish.  State Regulation requires proper draping (you will not be exposed) to insure your safety.  Being comfortable is key to enjoying your massage.  There are therapies performed that are fully clothed- for example- Acupressure, Thai Yoga Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, Reflexology, Chair massage etc.  We can accommodate most every situation.

Do I Have to Lie Face Down?

Not necessarily.  We can work with you with pillows and side lying positions.  We use bolsters for your comfort and can adjust the length of time you are faced down. Most of our tables are ADA compliant and the head can be raised and the table itself lowered. If you can not walk up or down stairs, our Mason location would be ideal.
Please call to schedule your appointment if you have a special request.

Do All of Your Therapists Do the Same Types of Massage?

Our team of Licensed massage Therapists and Bodyworkers (Reiki Masters,  Acupuncturists) are highly trained in many facets of holistic wellness and bodywork.  While most people are cross trained- please call or look at our bios to schedule your appointment.  We often use a variety of techniques in your massage.  We work as a team; so do not be surprised if we recommend one of our colleagues to assist you in achieving your wellness goal.

This Is My first Massage- Is There Anything Important I Should Know?

Communication with your therapist is key. We love Newbies! we are honored you have chosen us for your first professional experience.   Please arrive about 15 minutes early to fill out our health questionnaire and to relax.  Let your therapist know if you are too hot or cold as we have blankets and heated tables. 
Let your therapist know what you are looking for- be it relaxation or pain relief we can help!  Your therapist will check in with you if the pressure is too soft or deep.  We can adjust accordingly. Let us know if you don't want certain areas of the body worked on.
Feel free to ask questions.  You can talk or chose to be silent.  It is your massage.  Snoozing is a big compliment and is highly encouraged.

Why Should I Drink Water?
Often the body is in a dehydrated state.  The body functions optimally with proper hydration. A hydrated body should will prevent any rebound or massage related headaches.

Will I Be Sore?

It is fairly common to experience soreness a day or so later after a massage. Be sure to hydrate and avoid alcohol after a massage.

Does Everyone Get The Same Massage?

We at Mantra Massage and BodywoRx customize every service.  Our personalized approach allows you to get the most out of your massage and to focus on what you like.

What Makes Your Massage Business Stand Out?

You are not just a number at Mantra Massage and BodywoRx.  We are honored you chose our small business for your needs.  We are experts in our field and strive to give our clients our full intention.  We value your time and we give you the full amount of the time scheduled on the table.

How Often Should I Get a Massage?

If your goal is to reduce painful conditions, talk to your therapist. Normally, results will occur after a few sessions; although many people find relief after the first therapy session.
The amount of free time available in your hectic schedule can be limiting.  Many people choose to buy discount packages and schedule their appointments monthly.
No matter the case we are always glad to see repeat clients.  Don't be a stranger!

Should I Tip My Therapist?

We are a service based industry and greatly appreciate gratuities.  Typically 15-20% is standard.

Do You Perform Sexual Massage?

No we don't.  It is illegal in the State of Ohio.  We protect our therapists and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

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